Prevent Ransomware Data Loss with Backup

Following a few simple guidelines while operating your backup solution can make the different between a minor bump in the road, or a major catastrophe. NovaStor backup experts recommend considering the following points to prevent data loss due to ransomware attack.

1. Back Up to Multiple Destinations

It sounds simple enough, but ensuring that you backup your critical data to multiple locations and multiple media formats helps to better isolate your data from ransomware. Do you have a NAS device, external drive, flash media, or tape? Always keep multiple copies of your data.

2. Disconnect a Storage Device Following Backup

Ransomware can only affect data which it can access. Disconnecting a storage device following a backup completely removes it from the equasion. You may even be able to disconnect the drive automatically with a bit of scripting ingenuity.

3. Secure Your NAS Device

Don’t leave your NAS device open to being accessed as a simple drive letter. Set up your NAS device with different user credentials, and use NovaBACKUP’s built-in network device setup to select your network storage device as a destination.

4. Test the Integrity of Your Backups

Be certain that you have a complete backup of all your data by performing a regular full backup with verification turned on. Retention settings can help to remove old data and minimize storage space. Perform a regularly scheduled restore tests to confirm that your data is retrievable on demand.

NEXT STEPS: Perform a Full Backup

If you follow these simple steps, you can greatly reduce the odds of ransomware being able to lock you out of your critical data. Take the first step in protecting your data against ransomware by contacting us for a Free Trial of NovaBACKUP to perform a full backup.

Thank you to Novastor for this great article.

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