New Threats from the Web

Malwares are the new thing!

Why BYOD is scarier than BYOB… Sharing a bottle of your favorite beverage at a party is nothing compared to what you might share if your company if it has a policy of BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE… When employees utilize their own laptop, tablet of even cell phone within a business system, they expose that normally controlled setting to every malware, virus or key logger that was attached to a click that individual might have made. Whether it is an entertainment site, a music or game download, those are prime places to pick up a potential system compromising concerns. So what is the answer? Many companies allow, or even encourage the BYOD concept so employees can take work home with them, but the IT group within those companies better also be ready to fight the battles that come with those open loops. Careful planning around Anti-virus & Anti- Malware combined with a redundant Back-up and Storage system is the best way to keep your company safe and celebrating.

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