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Backup Software Articles 6 Ways to Make Sure Your Business is Disaster Proof The “it won’t happen to me” mindset is the worst one to have when you’re running a small business. With tropical depressions over the Atlantic, wildfires terrorizing Southern California, and the devastation in Louisiana the threat of […]

6 Ways to Make Sure Your Business is Disaster Proof

Following a few simple guidelines while operating your backup solution can make the different between a minor bump in the road, or a major catastrophe. NovaStor backup experts recommend considering the following points to prevent data loss due to ransomware attack. 1. Back Up to Multiple Destinations It sounds simple […]

Prevent Ransomware Data Loss with Backup

Everybody is talking about backup strategies and backup concepts, but barely anyone explains the recovery strategies and concepts. Let’s be honest, the backup is important, but a working restore is essential! Because: no data = no business Best Practices for your Backup Strategy – The Recovery That’s why today I’d […]

Best Strategies to Recover your backup

Being aware of potential threats within a backup environment is always the first step in getting your infrastructure prepared for a disaster. Today I’d like to outline a few of the possible threats and what options you have in order to keep your companies business critical data as safe as […]

How to prevent Backup and Restore Disasters

If your law firm were to be hit right now with a severe storm or cyberattack that took out your systems, would you know what to do to restore your assets and resume business? Without a capable plan, you could miss court appearances as well as lose vital income and […]

Lawyers should protect their work!

Pros and cons of the two backup methods Natural disasters, theft, hardware failures, employee mistakes, hacking…These are only few of the many causes than can lead to data loss. Nowadays all of our private data are stored in our computers, hard disks, CDs, DVDs, etc. By now we don’t use […]

Offline Backup VS Online Backup