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Pros and cons of the two backup methods Natural disasters, theft, hardware failures, employee mistakes, hacking…These are only few of the many causes than can lead to data loss. Nowadays all of our private data are stored in our computers, hard disks, CDs, DVDs, etc. By now we don’t use […]

Offline Backup VS Online Backup

DO I NEED ANTI-MALWARE IF I HAVE AN ANTI-VIRUS PROGRAM ON MY COMPUTERS? That is a good question, and one that we hear a lot at Foresite USA … In order to answer that question; here are several individual considerations, some definitions and a little history which will help answer […]


One of the reasons key-logger spyware is so concerning, is because instead of being produced by hackers with criminal intent, key loggers can be purchased online or in a local business supply store for perfectly legal purposes. WHAT IS A KEY LOGGER? A key-logger literally captures the series of key […]


Malwares are the new thing! Why BYOD is scarier than BYOB… Sharing a bottle of your favorite beverage at a party is nothing compared to what you might share if your company if it has a policy of BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE… When employees utilize their own laptop, tablet of […]

New Threats from the Web

We now have you covered from A to Z..!!! We were having coffee the other morning, and realized that, with the addition of our Zemana line of Anti-Malware, Foresite is truly an A to Z Solutions Provider..(Avast to Zemana to the non-English majors out there!!) Toss in our new Novastor […]

We now have you covered from A to Z!!